No thanks
I don't want my iPod engraved.
No thanks
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Gravdigr (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
Hope the comments secton stays empty...D'oh!!
Easy Mistake (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
No thanks. I don't want to post a comment.
Hard to Resist (25 Feb, 2013)
No thanks. I don't want to post a reply.
Justin Case (25 Feb, 2013)
I'm seriously considering not posting a comment myself.
Oof (26 Feb, 2013)
No thanks, I don't want to reply to Easy Mistake
uPod (26 Feb, 2013)
@ Easy : Now see what you did!
Oh hey guys (27 Feb, 2013)
Did we decide if we're replying or not?
Samson (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
If I had an iPod, I would like it engraved. Deep down in the filthiest local cemetery.
J.J. McClure (25 Feb, 2013)
I lol'd
terples (25 Feb, 2013)
Cynical Sam (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
Apple employee: "Hmmn, that's a weird name,... oh well, bzzzzzzzz"
Engraved (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
Should have engraved "Samsung" on it.
Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali (26 Feb, 2013) Reply
All this apple stuff is made in China. Need any more explanation?
Fred (26 Feb, 2013)
Well, seeing as you asked, yes.
Shawn Ghala (15 Mar, 2013) Reply
Lazy latvian (7 Jul, 2013) Reply
I also engrav potatoes...
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