A sticky situation
War on drugs at its best.
A sticky situation
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Me (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
mmmm, crystal syrup...
Enter 422 here: (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
Invite the locals over for pancakes after they called the cops on you because they were too stupid to tell the difference between making maple syrup and a meth operation? Ok maybe, but those locals are getting the cheap high fructose corn syrup store-made crap. They'll be too stupid to tell the difference.
winterhog (19 Feb, 2013)
And this the real Christian spirit. Not some violent WBC bullshit.
summerhog (19 Feb, 2013)
Poison the syrup and enjoy the show.
Spoiled little boy (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
...is this the newsletter from a retirement home?
If you don't want canker, don't eat grapefruit!
It's good to be King (18 Feb, 2013)
Serving wench! Bring me a sammich, and be quick about it!
Eh (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
The law enforcers quickly moved on, so that the Benssons could go back to their meth lab disguised as syrup farm.
Lawgiver (18 Feb, 2013)
Bribed with syrup.
guest (19 Feb, 2013) Reply
feds seem to have become over-suspicious after the last few episodes of breaking bad
Homer (19 Feb, 2013) Reply
"MOST MEN" act like that in a marriage? Prove it, bitch.
somebody's getting fired (19 Feb, 2013) Reply
"when investigators pointed to buckets near some trees," it's common knowledge that meth doesn't even come from trees, therefore: turn in your badges boys, you're fired.
Pancakes (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
are great revenge when served cold
Cook (14 Jan, 2014) Reply
Now they can do the real cooking.... :D
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