Feminism explained
Feminism is why I leave the toilet seat up.
Feminism explained
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E (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
Good joke, I'm laughing. Thanks again. I want more insightful political commentary please.
Stalin (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
In Soviet Russia, feminism oppresses you.
Stella (18 Feb, 2013)
In Union of Soviet Socialist Republics woman drive tank or shoot Dragunov, you are not Stalin for he would know.
Me (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
The man is working, not grovelling. Stupid example.
You (18 Feb, 2013)
I agree. If it was a good example, they'd have been kicking him down the hole.
Anon (18 Feb, 2013)
*Thanks* for showing us all how "humorous" real feminists ARE!!!
Caption Obvious (18 Feb, 2013)
Manholes is the name. Oppression is the game.
you missed it. (19 Feb, 2013)
that's the point. he's working, she is not.
bob (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
sama (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
i wouldn't be against feminism, but it makes woman ugly. i like beautiful woman.
Hector Ring (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
This picture is about Class Warfare, not Feminism.
Well-dressed leisure class berating groveling working class on whom they parasite.
dexter (22 Feb, 2013)
i agree
Christian (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
Wait - that's how they oppress us, not women.
...and anyway, we use a transvaginal ultrasound to oppress women - we're very high-tech over here.
...what? (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
is that a ghost buster in the background?
Rick Santorum (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
Everybody is laughing at the USA because of the type of people who create these things. Stupid fat white under-educated wal-mart shopping mentally handicapped cigarette smoking pickup driving retards. All of you.
Anon (19 Feb, 2013)
Where do YOU live, where such cowards can't name their so-called "superior" (HA!) land? Go french-kiss an electrical outlet.
winterhog (19 Feb, 2013)
Also gun-toting. Don't forget gun-toting. Mention of burger-chomping would be also a nice addition, methinks.
Ralph Dibny (19 Feb, 2013)
@winterhog: I'm "gun-toting" because I don't trust others to tote 'em for me.
@RickSantorum: You got Trolling Badge with 50 cents & 4 cereal boxtops. Was it worth it?
orlee008 (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
its none of that you weirdos... simply, the girl is about to stomp on that stick, causing the shovel to hit the man right in the face... taking him out instantly. (the the ghost buster dude in the background is funny tho....)
kfa (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
this is not funny mostly because of how nonsensical it is. I can take a good feminist joke, but this is not one of them.
The OTHER Bob (22 Feb, 2013) Reply
If they wanted to make a valid point, they should have exposed their breasts.
I'm a girl (10 Jun, 2013) Reply
I agree with this. The "glass ceiling" idea is stupid. Ladies, ever considered, if you wanna be equal, you can't have jobs given to you on a silver platter? And if you don't get it because of sexism, it might just be that one guy.
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