Younger generation is so pampered!
Everyone gets a trophy! Made by Matt Bors.
Younger generation is so pampered!
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EUro (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
Trollolol (15 Feb, 2013)
citizens -> (tax) -> government -> universities, schools
v--(bailout)--government --- (tax) --.
banks -------> (loan) ---------> citizens ---> schools, universities
^----(eventually paid back)------'
Yeah Right (15 Feb, 2013)
Paid every February 30th or when he*l feezes over.
faroutman (15 Feb, 2013)
Trollolol gets a trophy for his exceptional archery marksmenship.
Student Loans? (15 Feb, 2013)
What exactly is this?
TaxMeI'mStupid (15 Feb, 2013)
Trollolol: Exactly why comparing US and Europe is stupid.
Plus, socialism doesn't work. No matter what you think.
Socialism works (16 Feb, 2013)
Some of the world's richest and best developed countries have socialism. Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland etc. I wonder if people like you ever look at facts?
been there... (16 Feb, 2013)
believe me, it does not...
winterhog (16 Feb, 2013)
@TaxMeI'mStupid: 'Socialism' works just fine. But only in fairly well-off, slightly stratified and corruption-free societies, where people still have substantial amounts of money after paying taxes, where public funds are not embezzled by officials (income PPP p.c., Dini and transparency). Scandinavian countries excel in all these areas.
You can't introduce socialism in the poor or heavily stratified country because your income won't cover spendings. Revolutionaries must have been pretty bad at math if they thought that they will take billions from the rich, give them to the poor and everyone will live happily ever after. And then billions divided by several millions became hundreds - to little to invest. This is why all communist economies collapsed.
By the way, USA is also a pretty socialist country. Just look at all the federal budget.
GreedWorks (16 Feb, 2013)
Socialism fails: Cuba, USSR, China, North Korea. Have YOU looked at the facts?
EUro (16 Feb, 2013)
Socialism doesn't mean to live in a Soviet Union. It only works in alliance with capitalism. Socialism and capitalism on their own will always fail. See: USA, USSR.
Anon (16 Feb, 2013)
HEY "SocialismWorks"! Yeah, RIIIIIIGHT...The ONLY reason Germany and the other countries "work" is that their FREE MARKET CAPITALIST aspects can compensate for the PARASITIC, BURDENSOME SOCIALIST aspects of their "mixed market" societies. "Socialism" HAS NEVER WORKED on its own. Clearly YOU have never looked at the facts.
Skallagrim (16 Feb, 2013)
Actually winterhog had a pretty good explanation, but I guess that the kind of`Mericans who have never set their foot outside their own country and take all their information from Faux News will have a hard time understanding it (North Korea is definitely not a social democracy). Maybe you should try to check out some international statistics. IMO the most interesting overview is the annual prosperity index by Britain / Dubai`s Legatum Institute at, often cited by those damn commies at CNN, Bloomberg etc. Social democracies rule the top ten, every year.
EUro (16 Feb, 2013)
So banksters, lobbyists and other capitalistic scum are no parasites? Mister, you have a strange view of your world. Except you are a parasite yourself.
And you don't seem to understand other peoples posting concerning the coexistence of capitalistic and socialistic aspects in a system.
What's wrong with you? Does your uneducated hate prevent you from thinking your own thoughts instead of jabbering neo-liberal stereotypes and propaganda others made up for you?
gaaaah (17 Feb, 2013)
you have a strange view of the world if you really think that the ussr (oligarchie), china (facism, -> the merger of political and economical power. look up: mussolini), north korea (what ever totalitarian crap that is) have anything to do with real socialism. cuba is a really great example indeed.. cutting a country off the complete trade to the rest of the world and then, after 30 years, saying "look how much they screwed up" is such a prefect example what the corporate propaganda is doing to you mind. but hey, even in a country that has been on embargos for the last decades they manage people can go to a doctor when they are sick. america wouldn't work at all if the state wouldn't pump tons of money into private economy day after day (look up: for example the pentagon spendings, or in general the military-industrial complex).
ME (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
Don't go to college then.
Reality.. (15 Feb, 2013)
...either way you'll be working @ Mickey D's anyway!
query (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
Why do American universities have such high tuitions?
Voice of Reason (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
Colleges charge whatever the market will bear. Kids are willing to go into debt for a college diploma (education optional), so colleges have no incentive to lower their tuition. If more people got jobs and paid their way through community colleges and small local colleges, the enrollment at the large universities would decline and they would be forced to lower their tuition, but people chose to borrow, get what they want without paying for it first, and then whine about the mountain of debt they accumulate.
Anon (16 Feb, 2013) Reply
They think they know so much...and *still* the idiots voted for Obama. That debt is THEIRS to pay.
LogiC (16 Feb, 2013) Reply
Education is like one thing that has guaranteed returns. A good education is guaranteed to bring about prosperity, make a stronger work force and incidentally reduces crime, teen pregnancy and all kinds of negative things. Spending a reasonable amount of education, or even a fairly large amount, is thus not only going to save money in the long term, but also increase government income in the long term, and this will hold true as long as education spending is kept reasonable.
I know Australia realises this and my tertiary education is basically free, to be paid back as part of taxes when I start earning over a certain theshold. Incidentally Australia is overrepresented in the top 100 Universities in the world.
Anon (16 Feb, 2013)
A "good" education would likely *not* include having a major in "Lefthanded Lesbian Latina Librarians with a Limp" History...or most else which is being offered at most contemporary Universities. Even a *real* major does not guarantee career success (ask your next cabbie/barrista what s/he got his/her PhD in...).
Employer (16 Feb, 2013)
Sorry guys. Can't give you this job. You are over-qualified.
winterhog (16 Feb, 2013) Reply
The idea is correct but the explanation is not. Younger generation is in a pickle but not because of the students debt. It is the slowly collapsing economy and rising unemployment. Chances of getting a job are lower and the expenses are effectively much higher than in the 80s (not to mention 60s, it we're speakig of grandparents of contemporary students). So yes, the kids today were pampered by their _parents_ who though their kids will have even better lives than them. And then reality kicked in.
Furthermore, as the Voice of Reason already said, this is the problem of spending more that one can afford. And it may start with previous generation. If the people decide that moving into the larger house they can't even afford (so it is mortgaged) is more important than saving for their kids' education, then this may become problem
Then there is common free-market economy. The price is high because there is high demand for the given service. Young people want to get a diploma because they think they will get a good job (or they are unable to balance the investment against projected earnings). This former not true, because the supply of educated citizens already surpassed the demand for them. And guess what - this is the result of conformation to one model (high schools -> college -> university -> work). Remember all this bickering 'employers want people with experience and how can I get experience if I just finished studies'? Well, why all these people didn't went to work to save money for their studies and then study what really help them in their career? There are many well-paid jobs that do not require 'higher education' (those that do usually are controlled professions like doctors or lawyers). I got a short gig as the lecturer at the marketing studies outside US - most students were in their 30s (and employed to boot).
EUro (16 Feb, 2013)
Americas system of capitalism is breaking down like the communism did before. Like nature a society needs ballance.
Anon (16 Feb, 2013)
HEY EUro: move to North Korea and experience the *reality* of the system you so cherish.
Trollolol (16 Feb, 2013)
Well.... North Korea is not a socialist country! It's a communist country with a stalinistic cult of personality (which is opposed to communistic ideals, by the way). And America is not exactly capitalistic - it's a corporate fascism with elements of a police state (meeting TSA is a great _feeling_).
EUro (16 Feb, 2013)
They will fail soon. You seem unable to understand my posting.
But hey, dream your dream of capitalism and being rich as f.... As long as your parents will let you live in the basement, no problem.
EUro (17 Feb, 2013)
Trollolol has a point. Lobbying, corruption and the flawed justice changed the american semi-democratic system into some kind of facism. Ironically people who don't trust the government tend to vote for the fascists, like Tea Party. All of them are part of a religious-military–industrial–media complex. Your former president Eisenhower must be rotating in his grave.
Princess Special Snowflake (16 Feb, 2013) Reply
Our generashun IS smarter than all the ones before us. You old people should buy our colege education instead of wasteing on old people health care. Deal with THAT LOL!
Ratatui (16 Feb, 2013) Reply
Oysters with red wine. Why not?
Trollolol (17 Feb, 2013) Reply
@Anon: The worst parasites in modern societies are lawyers. They create laws (e.g. by being goverment consultants), they force people to follow that laws and they create demand for their services. Combined with precedence based legal system, this makes USA a legal hell. Ancient principles of law no longer apply, since it is simply impossible for citizens to actually know the law that affects them.
@EUro: Reducing goverment control over citizens and businesses does not mean lowering taxes and reducing social services. Actually, in some ways I long for capitalism of old - in ther 1930s bankers jumped the windows, because they were broke. And they were broke, because they were accountable for their actions. Now there is no responsibility, because hired managers keep making stupid decisions for their bosses - they are not accountable, because they are not shareholders; shareholders are not accountable, because decisions was not theirs.
EUro (17 Feb, 2013)
I do agree with you on that case actually. Never said the opposite.
Emmanual Goldstien (17 Feb, 2013) Reply
Just defund it.
Well (18 Feb, 2013) Reply
What you get when you let the government educate children. A bunch of kids who think the best job is supplied by the gov. like everything else . Once the gov. workers out number the private workers it all fails.
im right. (19 Feb, 2013) Reply
all of you guys are wrong. no one looked at facts. everyone is a dumash. exept for euro and trololol.. and logic. education should be paid by taxes. this point is totally valid.
citizens -> (tax) -> government -> universities, schools
v--(bailout)--government --- (tax) --.
banks -------> (loan) ---------> citizens ---> schools, universities
^----(eventually paid back)------'
capitalism doesnt work alone, thats a fact. neither does socialism. you all should get ur heds up from ur arses.
"their FREE MARKET CAPITALIST aspects can compensate for the PARASITIC, BURDENSOME SOCIALIST aspects of their "mixed market" societies. "
and you mister, you are just out of your mind.
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