The cure for insomnia
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First! (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
pto (8 Feb, 2013)
Good for you! You must quite the hit with the ladies!
nah.. (9 Feb, 2013)
Actually the only situation it doesn't help
regretful adult (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
sounds about right
jack (9 Feb, 2013)
lol good one
Gregorian Bivolaru (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
What is wrong with their fingers/hands?
Optometrist (8 Feb, 2013)
Never mind the fingers/hands, what about the "Little Orphan Annie" eyes?
Just sayin' (8 Feb, 2013)
And no nose, and look at those feet!
Cheech (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
Some weed works for me.
faroutman (8 Feb, 2013)
Funny that, I work for the weed.
Capt Morgan (8 Feb, 2013)
Large quantities of alcohol also work nicely.
Pengo (9 Feb, 2013) Reply
Career is a 20th century myth.
Before, the only careers were the military and ecclesiastical, the other line of works were crafts.
Hmm (17 Sep, 2013)
Only plebs without a real career would say that. You work in a restaurant?
Pengo (9 Feb, 2014)
Twelfth! (10 Feb, 2013) Reply
(give or take)
We need a lucrative and emotionally-satisfying career, a stable, loving relationship, a supportive family, etc., etc., etc., but we're all going to die anyway, feeding the worms. Who cares?!? Drink, smoke and refuse to wear your seatbelt!
Lazy (6 Jul, 2013) Reply
I can't read a thing
Asiago (26 Dec, 2013) Reply
Also, get some eyelids.
fresh maker (28 Dec, 2013) Reply
maybe he can't sleep because he has mentos for eyes!?
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