Back by popular demand
Midget bowling at midnight!
Back by popular demand
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Is this done... (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
with tiny balls and little ten-pens?
midget league (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
I hate it when they get stuck in the ball return.
ex-Jersey Guy (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
What else would you expect from somewhere that gave us overcrowded barier islands, Jersey Shore, Chris Christie, and Bob Manendez? Why would they call the most densly populated state in the US "The Garden State"? That's the biggest NJ joke ever!
Spell check is your friend (6 Feb, 2013)
I live in South Jersey (totally different than North Jersey where most of your references occur) and it is a great place to live. New Jersey is a leading producer of fresh fruits and vegetables, and is ranked the 14th state overall in fresh market vegetables.
Andy Cuomo (6 Feb, 2013)
Jersey is New York's landfill. 'Nuf said.
@Spell Check (6 Feb, 2013)
Isn't Jersey Shore a reality show about fresh vegetables?
googleit (8 Feb, 2013)
@spell check...only 14th in 2002.
gonz (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
the **** did i just read?
raaw (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
EUro (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Aaah, the beautiful traditional American sport. Wonderful piece of sophisticated American culture. Right next to shows about obese pregnant teenagers.
lukus (6 Feb, 2013)
Ah yes! As compared to sophisticated British TV fare such as "The Young Ones" and "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme".
the guy (7 Feb, 2013)
Actually, dwarf tossing and such was originated in Scotland I think.
Fat Neck Gino (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
'Nuf said by Andy Cuomo! Suck my Cape May! (consult a map)
You have to be a narcissistic New Yorker dodging subway platform pushers (both kinds) to spout an ignorant remark like that.
Andy wouldn't know New Jersey if it bit him in the 4$$, which it will.
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