Scumbag Apple gets trolled at their own store
Sorry, Appol fans, I hope this didn't hurt your feelings.
Scumbag Apple gets trolled at their own store
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(J) (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
lol, stupid sheeple buying iDiot ipads...jump sheeple jump!
rick'james (7 Feb, 2013)
Same goes to everyone else, who buys things they don't actually need, be it appol, samsung, htc.
We the steeple (13 Feb, 2013)
I jumped, broke an ankle....
333 (15 Feb, 2013)
Lol, stupid sheeple complaining about how other people spend their money...
Nope (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
:3 All good here. I can appreciate a good joke. But it would have been better if the apple had a little scumbag hat on.
Rick Santorum (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Apple users, feh! Anybody else would have edited that picture to be centered before applying it as wallpaper.
No! (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Oh good God. Android fanboys love to fight about their gadgets.
Get a life.
Superior Android Fanboy (6 Feb, 2013)
Because Apple fanboys never argue about it? It takes at least two to argue. In fact, it seems that you are the one arguing, the rest of us seem to be in agreement.
What's to argue? (7 Feb, 2013)
One market is an open free market with net and device neutrality, the other eleminates competition by throwing rocks in a glass house and doesn't allow any competing apps on their market. Why anyone likes apple is beyond me. They're way too expensive, not personalized or varied, closed market with ruthless business practices, counter productive to developing technologies, childish business practices, horrid factory conditions and horrid to their developers, unchairiatable, sue happy, sue happy techno-thugs with stupid stupid ads. **** Apple.
Superior Android Fanboy (7 Feb, 2013)
Even I'll admit, iPhones have their uses. They are super simple to use which makes it very friendly for my techno-retarded mother-in-law. I say to each their own.
Drool bucket (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Chicken pot. Chicken pot. Chicken pot pie!
Keggar (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
You are an easy target when you are on top. Must have made it easy for Samsung to infringe when they have Apples technology in there possession for building Apple technology.
Spellchecker (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
Me (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
The genius behind this "trolling" masterpiece thinks that purchasing processors = patent infringement. Brilliant, Chuckles. You're a credit to the rest of the angry, bitter Android users online.
Derp (7 Feb, 2013)
Seriously, logic doesn't need to apply as long as one is slagging apple. Both "sides" are beyond retarded for taking a "side" in the first place...
You (7 Feb, 2013)
Yes, us Android users are very bitter that Apple continues to slow progress by not including new technologies (nfc) into their phones because they would rather keep a sub-par aluminum back plate which restricts the signal. If they had included nfc technology, the progress and compatibility would be far more advanced already. But they don't want to put it in because they only care about what they can overcharge for and how they can control the users of their devices.
Paging (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
Captain Obvious...
omgroflcopter (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
i just wanna say that apple rocks. it rocks no matter how hard you whiners whine about it. writing this from my awesome macbook :) which is AWESOME. one word for ya ; bluescreen.
ME (9 Feb, 2013)
youre a *****. you want to know how to fix bluescreen 99% of the time? RESET BUTTON LOL
@ME (26 Feb, 2013)
You want to know how to fix a blue screen on a Mac?
Noname (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
Is dat some neckbeard?
Taryntula (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
Irony fail. Reasoning fail. It doesn't even matter what I might think of The Apple/Samsung dispute, because this doesn't mean what the poster thinks it means. Apple hired (and has since fired) Samsung to provide fabrication services for apple designed CPUs. No CPU of Samsung design has ever been significant in the market.
You want the D (22 Jun, 2013) Reply
Scumbag apple
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?