The difference between a homeless guy and a hipster
I hope this guide will help you to avoid mistakes in future.
The difference between a homeless guy and a hipster
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LardLord (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Thanks. i made a terrible mistake once: I gave spare change to a hipster. He seemed offended :(
@LandLord (6 Feb, 2013)
Yes I know it is Lard but i just wanted an over the top reaction...
@@Landlord (6 Feb, 2013)
His name is LaRdLord! @LardLord: There, I said it for you.
Replying to: (6 Feb, 2013)
What kind of sorcery is this?
LardLord (6 Feb, 2013)
Thanks for doing my job for me. May the power of lard be with you.
dr. faroutman (7 Feb, 2013)
Multiple personality disorder is a very seious mental illness, this man needs our help and understanding, not ridicule.
@@@Landlord (8 Feb, 2013)
There is no such word.
Confused (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Which is which?
dsa (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
This dude is actually a homeless crack addicted that used to be a model in Brazil.
White Girls Smell Like Hot Yogurt (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Wouldn't a hipster carry a 1980s Motorola "brick" cellphone because "iPhones are sooo mainstream right now"?
lukus (6 Feb, 2013)
I used to have an old Nokia brick. It was the only phone I've ever liked.
whack (7 Feb, 2013)
@wgslhy: i use my nokia for 12 years now. people start to think i'm a hipster, but i'm just uncool.
Well (7 Feb, 2013)
No, you have to know that a hipster stays in a different point at the time continuum. He is unable to realize that a product has become mainstream, sometimes a hipster thinks "i had it before it was cool" but he forgets soon. Apple marketing is specially designed to control the mind of a hipster. They will never realize that only douchebags use Apple products.
Fone Bone (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
There's a sap for that.
middle aged (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
This might be a stupid question, but what is a "hipster" exactly? I just don't understand adolescent lingo anymore.
Nice guy (7 Feb, 2013)
Google is your friend.
Me (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
The left one is the hipster because a hipster would never carry a mainstream device such as the iPhone which the guy on the right does.
unrelated.. (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
What does hot yoghurt actually smell like? I'm afraid to find out myself!
Barry (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
So the guy on the right is the homeless one right?
cavedude (10 Feb, 2013) Reply
I'm disappointed. where's the scruffy mountain man hobo-beard?
Captain Obvious (24 Mar, 2013) Reply
The left one is the hipster because I Phones are too mainstream for them now, and the right one is homeless because he has a Federal Government Welfare phone.
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