Not amused
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Laura (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
If a look could kill, lol...
Sara J (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
Yeah, me too.
Trigger (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
I don't want to rein on their parade, but enough with the horsing around! You need to be more stable before you appaloosa some ground. You mustang out with the wrong people! Pony up and get in the race!
Gravdigr (4 Feb, 2013)
Way to go there, NEIGHbor!
teacher (4 Feb, 2013)
I love how punny the two of you are! Your comments had me laughing so hard that I got all choked up. Now I'm a little hoarse.
Mr.Ed (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
Made me whinny.
Wilbur (11 Feb, 2013)
Oh, Ed.
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?