Dude... Sticks are like...
Tree bones... You know...
Dude... Sticks are like...
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First (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
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Second (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
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turmus (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
Now I know why my dog chews the bark of the trees in the yard. Thanks.
GERMAN GIRL (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
...and now i know where my weed went....bad dog!
Snoop dog (4 Feb, 2013)
I'm just getting high, ma'am.
third (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
reich (4 Feb, 2013)
pun-dar-bear (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
So for a dog, a log is like a tree-bone steak?
Gravdigr (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
Dog: What's brown and sticky?
Man: I don't know, what?
Dog: A stick.
Dog: lolz
RWW (5 Feb, 2013) Reply
Neverending stooooryyyyyyyyy....
love...bug (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
I guess my dog don't like tree's hehe
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