Your girlfriend thinks he's hot
Give him some money.
Your girlfriend thinks he's hot
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Name (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
Damn it. I moved away from Vancouver partly so the bums would stop asking me for change. Here I am on the intertoobs and they're still here!
That Tune (31 Jan, 2013)
I thought Canadia was a socialist paradise.
Hmmm (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
That guy has quite a package on him. Maybe I should get glasses too. Got a buck? Or a Loonie?
Me (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
not so .... (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
no glasses ur not hot as u see or ur ...?
ted (2 Feb, 2013) Reply
It's nice to see Shane McGowan is still keeping busy.
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