How to deal with jerks
Excellent advice by Ron Swanson.
How to deal with jerks
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Annie (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
LOL. Will try someday.
@Ruth (31 Jan, 2013)
I will too
@Andy (1 Feb, 2013)
Yeah, uh huh
Enter 320 here: (1 Feb, 2013)
Me too, George.
@302 (2 Feb, 2013)
who is George?!
Old Guy (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
I like Rob Swinson's advice. I'll try it.
@Old Gay (31 Jan, 2013)
Remember... (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
..You saw this on or someplace.
rEMEMBER (2 Feb, 2013)
'Tis a repost site laddy. Good advive tho.
Lesley Knope (2 Feb, 2013) Reply
This must be the most awesome calender book ever!!! Please someone tell me what it is from?
...other than the calendar of AWESOME!!
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