Animals with human mouths
This makes me happy in ways that I can't quite describe.
Animals with human mouths
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Thank you, internet (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
My life is now complete.
kjr (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
That giraffe looks like N. Cage...
blabalbal (31 Jan, 2013)
And I think the chicken is trying to devolve back to T-rex. ((visit link))
Dr. Moreau (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
My work continues.
Time Traveller (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
I predict that you will work for Pixar.
Rick Santorum (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
Am I the only one who hears the Benny Hill song playing in my head while looking at these?
blabalbal (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
Great! They were idiots, now they will become blabbering idiots like us.
Anatomy 101 (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
I think they snuck a few human eyeballs in there too.
O.K. (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
I'll bite. What is this all about?
Cassanova Frankenstein (1 Feb, 2013)
Pixar & Nicholas Cage, apparently.
Fulgencio (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
The brown dog next to nemo looks like Gloria from Modern Family
they also snuck in a (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
top hat and a bow tie..
UsrBinTron (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
I'm missing the picture of Sarah Jessica Parker there.
PAT (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
Regina (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
Humanian giraffe
Dentist (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
I see a lot of Brits
Marlin Weighins (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
I found Nemo!
Kenseiden (2 Feb, 2013) Reply
just... no.
Annika (3 Feb, 2013) Reply
pammyjo (14 Feb, 2013) Reply
I am strangely creeped out by these photos!
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