The secret life of a breakdancer
2 in 1 action figure.
The secret life of a breakdancer
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LardLord (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
aaand he's also pink. Just a coincidence?
Uh oh (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
Remind me never to look at myself upside down.
Helpful dude (29 Jan, 2013)
Don't you ever look at yourself upside-down. Just remindin.
cool kid (29 Jan, 2013)
Ohhh (29 Jan, 2013)
Why? You dont want to look like breakdancing?
Magritte (30 Jan, 2013)
Is that looking at yourself being upside down or being upside down and looking at yourself?
Also note: you cannot see yourself. At most parts of you. A reflection or an image may resemble you, but it's not you.
Just had to point that out, moving along now ...
Bonzo (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
Slipping pizza maker?
skatar (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
To me they look like two falling skateboarders.
alfred (29 Jan, 2013)
but do they turn clockwise or anticlockwise?
derfla (29 Jan, 2013)
neither. it's counter-clockwise
digital watch (29 Jan, 2013)
maybe... (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
Could just be a really ecstatic pizza maker...
Heywood Jablome (30 Jan, 2013) Reply
I'm straight & I still prefer the gay waiter.
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