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Over-reacting Tim (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
Now you made me cry :/
Ben Thair (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
this happened to me once
Leanrtalot (29 Jan, 2013)
you read a book?
complication (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
The book cover is missing three letters (maybe they got washed away by the water). It used to say "HOW TO (B) (A) (T)HUG")
Confused Guy (29 Jan, 2013)
How to hug bats? That doesn't make any sense.
complication (29 Jan, 2013)
No, "How to be a thug". You will now not receive a hug but become a thug.
Confused Guy 2 (30 Jan, 2013)
How to bathug? What are bathugs?
complication (30 Jan, 2013)
Leave me alone.
Batman: Forever (Alone) (3 Feb, 2013)
Did someone say "Bathugs"?
complication (4 Feb, 2013)
DFSolley (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
From the Jonathan Coulton song "I crush everything".
faroutman (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
Aww, give the giant squid a second chance, he's only halfway through the manual. He'll get there.
Answer Man (29 Jan, 2013)
KRAKEN!!! (4 Feb, 2013)
It's a kraken for goodness' sake!
maybe (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
He is just trying to live his dream, and be able to hug?
So, all ya all here are killing his dream... Homos.
Bisexual and Proud (18 Feb, 2013)
What do you have against homosexuals?
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