Want to go get sushi tonight?
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Blergh (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
Is coprophagia getting that popular? I`ll take sushi anytime, thanks.
COBRA (27 Jan, 2013)
It's popular - but coppapheel is even more popular
Al Hiss (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
Now I know where to eat with my pet:
(visit link)
Sam (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
Come on down... We got good shit here. Couples night on tuesday.
But... (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
...where are the "golden arches"?
Salzigtal (29 Jan, 2013)
Over the golden showers, of course.
Kenseiden (30 Jan, 2013) Reply
Poor dude.
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