Life of Pi cosplay
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Rajesh Koothrappali (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
This is racist!
Lolfosor (27 Jan, 2013)
Why? How?
Rev. A. Sharpton (27 Jan, 2013)
Because they are white.
Racist tiger (27 Jan, 2013)
Yeah the guy on the left should be ashamed for dressing like this.
Legendre (27 Jan, 2013)
No, I guess it's just body-paint..
Here we go.... (27 Jan, 2013)
Again!!!! Be quiet you whiner!
Rajesh Koothrappali (27 Jan, 2013)
A brunette tiger! That is racism.
i'm scared (28 Jan, 2013)
no i... i think .... i think he's ginger
Gravdigr (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
Tiger and panther?
Uncle Walt (28 Jan, 2013)
I thought it was Tigger and Winnie the Sh...
Verbose ..Not (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
I can think of a raft of things to say about this, but I am just going to let it all drift along quietly....
brunch (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
I wonder what they have covered with that blue towell in the background
Neverhood (27 Jan, 2013)
It's not a towel. It's a ghost, apparently standing ina a big flower pot.
Cheech (28 Jan, 2013)
Obviously a pot plant.
as (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
That is hilarious!
Thank you picture.
Angie (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
I see the two guys in the raft, yeah big deal, I think it's all about what they are hiding under that big blue towel.
what ?? (27 Jan, 2013) Reply
arfican in life of pi ????
Monty (29 Jan, 2013)
oooohhhhh (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
PIE.... oh, wait. Nevermind.
Al Sharpton (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
That's racist!
Yum (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
this reminds me of my breakfast this morning.... Frosted Flakes with chocolate pudding ; )
'Merica !!!
(J) (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
Life of Pi (USA version)
TYRHUNG (29 Jan, 2013) Reply
I told em' that killing that smurf would come back to haunt them....
Lol (31 Jan, 2013) Reply
mikki (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
you tards its Tigger and Poo
No (6 Jul, 2013) Reply
The one the left is definitely not a tiger... U can't fool me ..
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