Makes perfect sense
Finally they're selling these together!
Makes perfect sense
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wat (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
wit (24 Jan, 2013)
MacGyver (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
I could clear a minefield, fix a plane, and build a mansion with this combo.
(J) (24 Jan, 2013)
i srsly doubt that... ... ....
Patsy (24 Jan, 2013)
You doubt MacGyver? HERETIC
Fan (24 Jan, 2013)
@(J) MacGyver would also use the blister.
Cynical Sam (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
A gentle reminder for geeks who can nail the 10 digits of binary code, but cannot get to the nails of their 10 digits.
lllololol (24 Jan, 2013)
"the 10 digits of binary code", kindly remind me about those.
Homr (24 Jan, 2013)
@lllololol: There are 10 types of people - these who understand binary and these who don't.
lllololol (24 Jan, 2013)
@Homr: Yes, 2 = 10 in binary, however these =/= those in English. I`m currently down with the flu, what`s your excuse?
but... (24 Jan, 2013)
But my digits are greater than 10 :((
Cynical Sam (24 Jan, 2013)
Ghost in the Joke: "10 digits", meaning '1' '0' digits, not "ten" in the first instance. But, 10 is ten in the 2nd.
Ralph W (26 Jan, 2013)
My cat's breath smells like cat food.
derpette (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
saywhaa (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
Lol this iss too funny ahaha
Kelvinn (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
Obviously, the nail clipper is there to help you open the package!
Get with the times (25 Jan, 2013) Reply
Battery powered nail clippers. Just another amazing electrical product from Asia.
shnizzle (25 Jan, 2013) Reply
shhhh, it's for the other side of airport security ;)
I saw it first! (28 Jan, 2013) Reply
the binary joke has gone viral!
i must know (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
who knows that language. i need that label translated. stat.
dennis (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
thats jas messed up.....
why now Asia...?
By (15 Feb, 2014) Reply
Messy translation of the stuff in red, which is really, the only important thing :
Get [one] nail clipper [free!]
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