Why mommy drinks
Explaining alcoholism to children.
Why mommy drinks
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(J) (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
no its wine
Justin Case (22 Jan, 2013)
Keen Observer (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
Tha child has a stragely shaped arse. Inherited it from her Mum, I'll bet.
faroutman (22 Jan, 2013)
Uhh, yeah... Your IP address has now been forwarded to INTERPOL. Have a nice day there Uncle Pervy.
@ faroutman (29 Jan, 2013)
Good grief, 1 measly comment on a drawing and someone's labeled a pedophile. It's not HIS fault that YOUR mind is in the gutter.
Me (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
In which Mommy gets drunk and carries around a tiny adult.
gardener97 (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
It looks like she is holding a tiny grandmother...
Marty (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
NO WAY could that be copyrighted material.
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