Every day I'm hustling
Doin whatever you gotta do to get that paper.
Every day I'm hustling
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oh dear (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
you maybe hustling but that doesnt change the fact your a "white sock W4nker" - First
So What? (22 Jan, 2013)
What is the problem with wearing white socks with sneakers?
Not like he is wearing them with shoes . . .
His mum (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
Bless him... he's so cute.
*You're (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
GROSS (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
It looks like there is something growing out of his belly-button!
Photocook (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
After I took this picture of him I pushed him into the scalding water.
old china hand (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
this looks like (visit link)
Forklift (22 Jan, 2013)
I think it's Bumpass Hell near Mount Shasta in California.
Ralph Dibny (22 Jan, 2013)
@Forklift: Looks about right. BTW, Bumpass Hell is in the Lassen Volcanic National Park.
(visit link)
Enter 291 here: (23 Jan, 2013)
The trees embedded in the travertine reminds me of the boardwalk around Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces in Yellowstone NP.
(visit link)
Forklift (24 Jan, 2013)
@Ralph Dinby: Darn it! I've gone and embarrassed myself on the internet!
G Dogg (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
Don't hate da playa. Hate da game!
Ralph Dibny (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
On the bright side, with careful money management, he can retire at 22.
Maybe it's... (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
Justin Bieber in his younger years.
My future's so (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
bright, I gotta wear shades :D
U mad? (23 Jan, 2013) Reply
Alfred E. Neuman?
Bonzo (23 Jan, 2013) Reply
Oh crap. Boostalk had a kid.
hi (1 Feb, 2013) Reply
the white string comin gout looks wrong
this (12 Feb, 2013) Reply
Made me laugh. So simple yet so funny.
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