Adorable, stupid cat found
Please save him from himself.
Adorable, stupid cat found
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Youth in Asia (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
S0 6 people will be fighting over this cat.
fkin feministis (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
WHY DONT YOU remove his balls urself, whackjob, or leave him with all his manlyhood?
LogiC (20 Jan, 2013)
They can't keep the cat and if they can't find another home for it their only option would be having it put down, so why then would they also neuter it?
Well then (20 Jan, 2013)
Because they're not vets. Now pipe down.
double entendre (23 Jan, 2013)
same reason he doesn't remove YOUR balls
Grumpy Cats Agent. (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
This reminds me.. we still have not recieved your check (certified) for using the likeness of Grumpy Cat.
Remember... It's not Grumpy Cat, unless it's Grumpy Cat.
redheady (21 Jan, 2013) Reply
XD The las or laddy that printed this out...I MUST BEFRIEND!!!
old man (21 Jan, 2013) Reply
if you think those are impressive...
Treesurgeon (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
So you found him on the 12th of something-vember? That's funny our earth calendar only has twelve months.
fahrquad (20 Apr, 2013)
Hey Treesurgeon, unlike the UK we over here in the US put month then day, so 12/17 is December 17.
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