Motivation poster at work
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if i were a boss (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
this would be my only and universal behavioural rule and motivation poster at the same time
Boss (20 Jan, 2013)
I AM the boss. This sign is for you.
if i were a boss (20 Jan, 2013)
Haha **** you. My boss doesnt speak english.
Jefe (20 Jan, 2013)
Yo soy tu jefe, el firmar es por tu.
if i were a boss (21 Jan, 2013)
Doesn't speak spanish either (just like you). So hello boss, can I stay home tomorrow?
Dr Bravo meets Pinole (20 Jan, 2013) Reply the secret passwords shown in the picture.
Who is (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
dumb shit, and why are we unable to do them / her / him?
Salzigtal (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
Too late, Internet Explorer is already installed.
redheady (21 Jan, 2013) Reply
Wow. I wish every job had one of those! XD
Gravdigr (21 Jan, 2013) Reply
Rule Number Two: Always follow Rule Number One.
Every Congressman... (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
...needs one of these!
WTF (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?