I like my new tablet
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jobs, steve (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
Maybe you should not have downloaded the mirror app for $7.99 then?
Dr Bravo meets Pinole (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
Design an app that reflects back Google's most up to date image of the aging David Hasselhoff. At least it will make you feel better for a while until you can sell enough copies to get a face lift...just saying.
333 (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
Non-reflective screen protector might do the trick. The ones sold by tablet manufacturers (samsung, for example) are reflective.
Cynical Sam (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
Man, this just got way too real, way too fast. That just happened to me. );
Felix Kiner (25 Jan, 2013) Reply
This site stole my webcomics and I am not even mad. I am actually have a real comic book with pages and all. Check it out on (visit link)
LardLord (25 Jan, 2013)
What the hell are you talking about? Look at the top of this page, it says "Made by Felix Kiner." and there is also a link to your page. Unlike other sites, eatliver.com gives proper credit.
Felix Kiner (25 Jan, 2013)
Chill out LardLord. I said "I am not even mad". We cool.
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