7 amazing little known facts
7 amazing little known facts
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Nyet... (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Seriously, piss off...
Type (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
The squirtle thing does come as a surprise. I always thought the name has something to do with squirting.
indeed (17 Jan, 2013)
yea, like squirtle: the squirting turtle...
HeftyGigaSpoon (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
not funny
:/ (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
This was stupid.
Derp (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Trashman (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Bottom of the barrel.
Laura (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Am I the only one who think this is funny, or those geniuses who commented me are just too stupid to understand humor?
cool kid (17 Jan, 2013)
i thought it was funny, in fact i learned about 7 new facts. NOT
Hector Ring (17 Jan, 2013)
I'm too stupid to understand the humor.
333 (17 Jan, 2013)
Yes, you're the only one.
Mr. Time (17 Jan, 2013)
I don't comment that I like something here often, but this was a great parody of those pretensious mind blown posts you usually see.
Gigg (18 Jan, 2013)
Hi Laura, i "thought" it was funny in the first place, because i am stupid. but gladly i read the first few comments who told me that it's shit. i'm so thankful for these people shittin in the internet all day long "not funny" "lame" "getalife" "wantmy10secondsback" i couldn't come up with these clever comments.
smartass (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
i thought they were gonna show the arrow in the FedEx logo tbh... i am disappoint
Battle (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
On first one I was like "WTF?"
On second one "Ok, got it."
And afterwards I was just laughing my ass off. Like, seriously? No waaaaay.
Other commenters are turds (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
My mind... is blown
Why (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Why is there a different red haired tshirt model on every single page?
Fudgecakeman (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Do not see how this could be funny to anyone but the idiots who actually like the posts this post parodies. Low, eatliver, low.
Arm (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
I would say it's from American high school textbook, isn't it?
333 (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Can somebody please murder the author of this thing?
Kukulis (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
So you all will just pretend like you are the smart ones, that knew all these facts? It is just showing your incredible ignorance to those who are not as fast thinking and informed as you. I can bet, that at least 2 facts was a discovery for everyone!
Grrrrr (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
The Planters' Peanut eats peanuts in the TV ads, doesn't that make him a cannibal???
WOW.. (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Numbers 2, 3 and 4.. How did they know?
*mind blown
Slightly overweight duck (18 Jan, 2013) Reply
Lord Fader (19 Jan, 2013) Reply
Oh, please.
Marty (19 Jan, 2013) Reply
Even for EatLiver this is OUTSTANDINGLY stupid and pointless.
me (20 Jan, 2013) Reply
my head hurts
grumpy brat (21 Jan, 2013) Reply
1.Vitamin water contains 33 grams of sugar (almost as much as can of cola) and just trace amount of vitamins. It is less healthy that normal water. There is also lawsuit going on for false advertising.
3. The space between Ex in the FedEx logo forms an arrow pointing to the right. Also, Federal Express is private company and is not related in any way with the Federal Government.
Came on people, I'm not even trying.
pk (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
who ever put this up must be retered
gil (15 Mar, 2013) Reply
this guy that put this up must be a retarded idiot at all time.
Twitchy (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
what four year old made this, this is a terribad picture
ST (13 Mar, 2014) Reply
funny because it ridicules your stupid "mind blown" bs that gets telephoned around so much that it's basically the same as this picture
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