An insight into Australian culture
This is how they really speak in Australia.
An insight into Australian culture
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Aussie... (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Get a life, you clueless ******...
Obviously... (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
...drawn by a New Zulander
Who's Missing? (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Hey EUro, where's your comment?
Flavio (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
I say,,,I'm gonna go ski fuk NO ICE,,,,I will have ICE and SNOW,.,,,,, gratings, The European
Big Bird (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Pay attention, boys and girls. Today on Sesame Street we will use the word "oxymoron" in a sentence. Australian culture, an oxymoron if ever there was one!
Oxymoron (17 Jan, 2013) a moron oxide.
EUro (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Tpn (26 Feb, 2013)
No ice
Paul (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
G'day mate! Slip another shrimp on the barbie
more Paul (17 Jan, 2013) caul thaut a koiaf?...this is a noiaf!
pointer out (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
hahaha love the cro panda
asa (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Eh? (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
fair dinkum (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
The nipple was the highlight
-=LaurryG=- (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
Q:What's the difference between making some yoghurt, and making an Aussie kid?
A: If you want to make some yoghurt, you need to first start with a bit of a culture..
Yes, I'm a proud Australian too ;)
mind----blown (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
i found this very funny.
aussie2 (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
not cool.. go back to ripping on canada
Hey now (17 Jan, 2013)
Back off, ya hoser!
1/16th Aboriginal (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
And Muslims/Indians/Chinese/New Zealanders/The French and of course those pesky Americans...
Beached As (18 Jan, 2013) Reply
What is a lebos?
Rocket (18 Jan, 2013)
ssf (19 Jan, 2013) Reply
haha (visit link)
Alonetogether (1 Mar, 2013) Reply
Noone else noticed the newspaper says " Git ya tits out'-Says the Pm."? XD
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?