Park prank
Try this in a nearby park.
Park prank
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LardLord (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
What if he really does it?
win win (14 Jan, 2013)
Confused (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
I don't know any strangers.
inconfused (14 Jan, 2013)
They dont know you either...
Overconfused (15 Jan, 2013)
They are famous in Belgium
(visit link)
simon gosejohann (15 Jan, 2013) Reply
Should say "put enemy's picture in the envelope". Just in case he does it.
Why? (15 Jan, 2013) Reply
A picture of a friend?
Jesus (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
I am going to go sit in park benches and wait for people to come and play this on me.
I will look them dead in the eye and say "Drowning or electrocution?", if they say nothing, I'll say "Ooh fun, electrocution it is"
Then walk away while holding wire strippers.
ASSASSIN (4 Feb, 2013) Reply
That might actually happen you know, coz i can make anything look like an accident...
Twitchy (4 Apr, 2013) Reply
some friends you have
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