That was just finger lickin' rude
An animal rights activist owned.
That was just finger lickin' rude
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kfc customer (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
>>"He has wowed not to return to the KFC"
Excellent, so it was a win-win!
cynical Sam (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
In the KFC customers' defense, the Peter Griffin vs The Chicken episode inspires all of us to take advantage of such an opportunity.
Boru (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
This space 4 rent (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
What did the placard say on it?
It said... (15 Jan, 2013)
"Feel free to hurl chicken wings at me and punch me in the head"
Which is it (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
Eating too much fast food or being British that makes people violent?
RealityCheck (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
and i LAUGHED.
Islandape (15 Jan, 2013) Reply
I just LOVE English newspapers/magazines and British humour.
Olwethu (17 Jan, 2013) Reply
333 (9 Dec, 2013) Reply
So much food, wasted. :(
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