Target audience vs. actual audience
I'm a huge "My Little Pony" fan myself.
Target audience vs. actual audience
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LogiC (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
That kid hardly has the lip-quiver of rage from being owned and shouting noob for nights on end in CoD.
Wade Wilson (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
You know, only like half the bronies I know look like that.
LAVIIIRooster (11 Jan, 2013)
I got kicked off the Razr forums for calling out a mod that was way into Ponys. Pretty classic exchange actually...
In my opinion (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
Step 1: Cut hair. Step 2: Shave face. Step 3: anti-biotics and Retin A. Step 4: Gym. Seriously, no human in a developed country should look like that.
Doctor Wilson (12 Jan, 2013)
Don't be silly. Antibiotics do nothing against acne.
Doctor Nelson (12 Jan, 2013)
Don't be silly. Gym is really not the best way to improve you fitness. In fact, you can train the wrong muscles. Swimming is much better; climbing and other activities, too.
Doctor Wilson (12 Jan, 2013)
Yeah but public pools are filthy and you can get various skin diseases especially on your feet.
Doctor Shivago (12 Jan, 2013)
Bitches love ponies.
To be honest (12 Jan, 2013)
I am far more worried about that kid.
No human in any country, developed or not, should look like that..
@Doctor Wilson (12 Jan, 2013)
Don't be silly, antibiotics destroy acne. I should know, it helped cure my raging pizza face when I was younger.
Step 1: Wash twice daily with a 2% salicylic acid facial scrub.
Step 2: Apply thin layer of 5% benzoyl peroxide in the morning and take a perscription antibiotic pill.
Step 3: Apply thin layer of antibiotic gel containing erthromycin (Stievamycin) and another antibiotic pill at night.
Step 4: Watch as your zits recoil in terror. :)
Doctor Wilson (12 Jan, 2013)
Don't be silly. Taking antibiotics for extended amounts of time (many months) is extremely harmful and dangerous to your liver and intestines. Here's what you should do: (visit link)
Not a Dr. but someone who knows better (12 Jan, 2013)
Doctor Wilson, let us dissect your initial comment: Antibiotics do nothing against acne. Incorrect Dr. They work very well, on most people.
Agreeably, prolonged use of antibiotics is unhealthy, but so is allowing your face to constantly weep puss.
And the link you provided is for light to moderate acne. Thumbnailman here needs something a wee bit more potent because he needs all the help getting out of his parents basement as he can get.
Doctor Wilson (12 Jan, 2013)
@Not a Doctor: even if antibiotics work for someone, what happens when he/she stops taking them? That's right, acne comes back. Even if antibiotics work for someone, it's only a temporary solution.
Dr Mouse (13 Jan, 2013)
That nerd that's been lumped with the My Little Pony group makes me wonder how ofter he cleans his face of showers. He has a bunch of issues, like weight obviously, but I doubt antibiotics would help him get a clearer face. I think he should step up his hygiene routine, especially on his face and hands.
winterhog (13 Jan, 2013)
Thankfully, in any well developed country there are no guidelines defining how people should look like, so your opinion is irrelevant.
The Great Apostasy (15 Jan, 2013)
This thread is WAY too long. That is all.
Jet (12 Jan, 2013) Reply
If that little kids parents let him play MLP they're making a ***!
And the best 4 eyes can hope for is lose weight, cut hair and pray the scars aren't to hideous.
Plad man on the other hand will most certainly marry a semi cute chick who will blow up by 28 have 4 kids and he'll be a miserable drunk for the rest of his life.
Dr. Best (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
I can make him bright white teeth!!
Melty Cheese (28 May, 2013) Reply
At least they didn't put an ugly little girl there.
Bron (17 Sep, 2013) Reply
"Bronies" should all drink bleach, at one time in celebration one day
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