So I met a politician the other night...
Made by Jim Benton.
So I met a politician the other night...
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Republicrat (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
This cartoon is not really true. A politician would not take your wallet. He would take your whole house.
The Truth Will Out (11 Jan, 2013)
This whole cartoon is not real. Politicians are not fiticiout dreams. They are REAL. Oh, the horror!
Enter 105 here: (11 Jan, 2013)
You may think you own the house but you're renting the property from the gov't. If you think otherwise stop paying your property taxes and see who comes and takes the whole thing away from you.
@105 (11 Jan, 2013)
But I live in public housing!
Enter 105 here: (11 Jan, 2013)
You're welcome.
Dark Folk (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
Republican astral body.
More important (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
Where's the funny part?
Illuminati (15 Jan, 2013)
Did you forget you're reading "Eatliver"?
Blessed (14 Jan, 2013) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?