28th annual
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paul lease (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
Hey! one is drinking ... no drinking till 6 jerk.
I would say . . . (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
I see what you did there, but I guess I can't really, can I?
Oh- And FIRST!!!!!
Not First (9 Jan, 2013)
Doesn't it suck not being able to edit your posts?
...but I'd say back... (9 Jan, 2013)
Naaaah man, The Onion did it first.
I should have said . . . (10 Jan, 2013)
Pending posts that the were already awaiting moderation and posting . . . FIRST!!!
But in my excitement of the potential of actually being first I failed . . .
And hey, being second to Paul is OK- after all, he is the Walrus.
Zymurgy (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
OMG, everyone attended!
Zubodai (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
" ... Do you believe in something
that you've never seen before?
There is love - - - There is love ...."
..after Chuck Norris showed up.. (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
There, I fixed that for ya.
rural america (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
thanks for shopping at Walmart.
American (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
I'm an attention seeker. I LOVE attention.
PERSON (10 Jan, 2013) Reply
Surely there should be a crowd watching? Like the ninja's families? They aren't ninjas so we should be able to see them. Shame on them not turning out for their loved ones!
The Onion (13 Jan, 2013) Reply
Ninja (8 Feb, 2013) Reply
We so fast, you cannot see us...
Roland (1 Oct, 2013) Reply
Even the town's people are ninja's! Dude that is awesome!
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