Rap is like scissors
It always loses to rock.
Rap is like scissors
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COBRA (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
Amen - and - first!
Guido (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
Funny and informative!
Sheldon (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
But Spock vaporizes rock!
Schrödinger (9 Jan, 2013)
As long as RAP loses that's ok.
Gorn (9 Jan, 2013)
Then I'm Spock's worst nightmare.
Sheldon (9 Jan, 2013)
Vulcans don't dream. Therefore they do not have nightmares. Why should a Gorn think he was a Vulcan's nightmare anyway?
Gorn (10 Jan, 2013)
Because lizard poisons Spock.
Sheldon (10 Jan, 2013)
Ah, I see why you are confused. Lizard poisons Spock, sure, but Spock knocks out Gorn with Vulcan nerve pinch. Gorns, as you know, are not actually Terran lizards and are therefore not poisonous.
@Sheldon (24 Jan, 2013)
You say that Gorns are not Terran lizards and are therefore not poisonous, thereby implying that Terran lizards (at least generally) are poisonous, but they are not. And even if you meant venomous instead, only 3 out of many thousand lizard species are known to be venomous. So if Gorns are not poisonous, it`s for reasons other than just being extraterrestrial. You make a poor Sheldon.
Facepalm Phil (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
Agreed,but hip-hop is way more creative/universal/eclectic than Rap (yes,there is a difference)
Ignorant masses (9 Jan, 2013)
I can't tell the difference unless it's amount of spittle rained on the audience. I've always considered Rap "spitting music."
RipRap (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
O.K. How do you explain me?
cool kid (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
so... i take it the Rock is also a rapper?
Billy Bob (9 Jan, 2013) Reply
Rap ain't singing. It's recitin'.
Musik Kritik (10 Jan, 2013) Reply
Can't spell "crap" without "rap"!
Yo Momma (15 Jan, 2013) Reply
Josh (23 Feb, 2013) Reply
i agree to this picture, my bro loves rap, and i love rock, you cant compare the two, rock is well put together and good, and rap, is just, well, very very bad
peterpopoff (15 Apr, 2013) Reply
You *******, Jesus wants to deliver YOU! Yessir, our personal lord and savior wants to deliver you from the evils of credit card debt using his FREE miracle spring water and other fine debt relief tools.
Gravrocker (21 Dec, 2013) Reply
Skrillex (9 Feb, 2014) Reply
My music is the best
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