Eco-friendly restaurant
Animals and vegetables didn't suffer.
Eco-friendly restaurant
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detox (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
what the hell is it with this tiping shit?
Spelling Nahtsie (7 Jan, 2013)
Well, you've stumped me. What, exactly, is tiping shit? I would imagine it is fecal matter deposited by the wild spotted tiping, a bird of prey native to central Africa. If you were actually referring to tipping, and misspelled the simple word and used a vulgarity to finish your sentence, then you have shown yourself to be an ignoramus.
LogiC (7 Jan, 2013)
In America the minimum wage for hospitality workers is very low. They need tips and social welfare programs to have any chance of living, the wages surely aren't enough. I think it's about $5, maybe less, an hour. I believe minimum wage for other areas is around $15 an hour, to give a sense of scale.
Spelling Natsy tipped you some shit though.
COBRA (7 Jan, 2013)
Pretty sure detox meant 'typing'
Angry Waitress (7 Jan, 2013)
@LogiC: Accepting tips is not the same as accepting a Hand-out, I work hard for the money I make, thank you.
Dude (7 Jan, 2013)
I've found the prices for meals in restaurants in the USA to be a lot less than at home in Canada. The servers in the USA are far more attentive to their customers and they well deserve their tips. I'll tip 15% in Canada and 40% in the US. At least Canadian servers are better than the ones in the UK!
Tell me (7 Jan, 2013)
Where is the minimum wage $15 an hour?
Under Paid! (7 Jan, 2013)
@LogiC The minimum wage is $15? Really? Where do you live? The federal minimum wage in the US is $7.25.
@illogiCal (8 Jan, 2013)
Baker Street (8 Jan, 2013)
Australia's minimum wage is $15.96 per hour or $606.40 per week.
@Everyone (8 Jan, 2013)
Just tip the waitress, and don't complain about it. I guarantee that if you ever served food to yourself, the waiter version of you would beat the hell out of the customer you, because you're an *******.
no, underpaid (11 Jan, 2013)
The minimum wage on you w-2 is $7.25, the minimum paid by your employer is that plus additional SS, Medicare, unemployment to state and fed, workman's comp, and any benefits, such as vacation and holiday pay just to mention some of the hidden costs of the min. A min wage job costs employers close to $15.00
Black Mamba (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
Coolest quote ever made on a receipt.
Feathered Boa (7 Jan, 2013)
I believe it is a menu.
Teacher (7 Jan, 2013)
The Receipt would be where the waitress would write a quote that was the coolest quote ever. Mamba +1 Boa -1.
Angry Waitress (7 Jan, 2013)
@ feathered Boa :P "I work hard for the money I make, thank you." Coolest quote ever made on a receipt.
Mr Carrot (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
I tremble with fear
I Yam (7 Jan, 2013)
not afraid
Just askin' (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
How is it a suggested tip if it's already added to the bill?
LardLord (7 Jan, 2013)
Is it even called a tip if it's already in the bill and I can not remove it?
Oh No Oh Yea (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
Kool Aid for a buck! Oh Yea!
Kill Bill (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
I eat there all the time. Watch out for the coffee, it will give you diarrhea.
A Kangaroo (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
In some countrys you pay less if you come in greater groups, in others you pay more, weird
Doris Day (8 Jan, 2013)
With twelve you get eggroll!
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