For the person who has everything
A perfect gift for any occasion.
For the person who has everything
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Just sayin' (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
But, I already have one of those....
The Cure (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
I have two, and the perfect gift for somebody with everything is a very large dose of penicillin...
LardLord (4 Jan, 2013)
Comment win :D
Right (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Only in Canada! They think of everything those Geniouses
HOLY CRAP (4 Jan, 2013)
*Geniuses (Vanessa, is that you?)
@ HOLY CRAP (6 Jan, 2013)
Get a live!
Hoser (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Does it remove lint, or put more in?
COBRA (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Still waiting for the 'outy' model . . .
@ COBRA (5 Jan, 2013)
See Lindsay Lohan!
:-( (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
Just for lint? Dang!
KJ (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
What do you give a person who has everything?
erika (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
I would have given her a nail varnish
old guy (7 Jan, 2013) Reply
Only in Canada! Pity.
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