Sleeping good personality
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Offended Rob (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Oh, be nice! She's horizontally challenged.
Trollolol (4 Jan, 2013)
No, she's circumferencially challenged.
@Trollolol (4 Jan, 2013)
No she isn't, she's better at it than all of us. She is circumferencially gifted.
wth (4 Jan, 2013)
Looks more like she is longitudinally challenged.
The Future (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
I give you Honey BoBo.
Maybe (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
A harpoon instead of a sword?
Nah (4 Jan, 2013)
She'd eat both.
(J) (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
US Version
Awake Jerk (4 Jan, 2013)
You're kidding, right? If this was the US version she'd be "Sleeping Entitlement Complex."
VANESSA (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Is she still alife?
We get it. (5 Jan, 2013)
Ok, enough now. It isn't funny anymore.
Shiny Things (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Yeah lucky for the prince he can be ugly as **** as long as he's Charming.
Walt (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Beauty and the Beast- All in one . . . .
Hey, I have an idea!
Blah (6 Jan, 2013) Reply
A fat woman with good personality? GARBAGE
LogiC (7 Jan, 2013)
Because Lindsey Lohan is the paragon of modesty, kindness and restraint?
@LogiC (7 Jan, 2013)
I bet you're jealous Lindsey Logan is 10000000 times hotter than you
Some guy (17 Apr, 2013) Reply
She's in shape, round is a shape :D
jazzyj (25 Apr, 2013) Reply
I give you shamu
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