A famous quote by Abe Lincoln
You should be careful on the internet.
A famous quote by Abe Lincoln
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Morgan Freeman (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
Titty sprinkles.
Tom Cruise (4 Jan, 2013)
Cynical Sam (9 Jan, 2013)
(J) (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
More like Abe Simpson granddaughter
christopher walken (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
well said, Abe, well said. You will be addressing the nation from Springfield, Illinois soon, I presume?
NObama (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
You are wrong, Abe. I said that... oh and I took the picture too after I created that lake and the sky...
faroutman (5 Jan, 2013)
Please Brothers, let us not tear one another apart, but let us instead bask in the glory of the titty sprinkles.
Abe Simpson (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
"A little from column A, and a little from column B"
Obama Voter (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
Wow! I didn't know that! You learn something new every day!
Bored (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
Fredrick Douglas (5 Jan, 2013) Reply
Old Abe is old.
Nerdy Jim Carey (13 May, 2013) Reply
You might wanna check out the anachronisms.
Natalie Portman (9 Dec, 2013) Reply
Hot grits!
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