Self defense nightstand
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Spidercega (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
To much Assassins Creed?
Nazi (30 Dec, 2012)
You misspelled a 3 letter word. Congratulations.
teacher (30 Dec, 2012)
To, too, two, What's a kid to do?
@Nazi (31 Dec, 2012)
It could have been worse- He could have written "too" at a point when he was trying to write "to", and then he would have misspelled a 2 letter word.
And technically speaking, did he misspell the word, or simply have an incorrect usage of a word?
Wak (8 Jan, 2013)
Aye've seen people misspell a 1 letter word.
slipppo (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Yea well my wardrobe folds out into a small tank, beat that Ikea boy.
EUro (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Might be usefull... in Middle Earth...
snark (30 Dec, 2012)
You forgot to mention how Americans are fat, stupid and greedy!
EUro (31 Dec, 2012)
I forgot to tell you how you doesn't count at all. Living in your mom's basement. Abandoned by a father who never loved you. Another happy year in your pathetic life.
snark (5 Jan, 2013)
You doesn't count??? That don't make no sense y'all! I DOES count!
You (8 Jan, 2013)
What's counting?
Stuperman (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Faster than a speeding snail, stronger than a wet paper bag, ABLE TO LEAP OFF TALL BUILDING IN A SINGLE BOUND...
Realist (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
If he turned the table 90 degrees up, and looped the arm straps over his girlfriends arm, she could serve sammiches on that thing.
Santa (31 Dec, 2012)
You seriously think he has a girlfriend?
LardLord (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Should make bar chairs like this. Perfect for drunk fights.
faroutman (30 Dec, 2012) Reply
Better take his controller away, too much Skyrim for this one.
Guido (31 Dec, 2012)
Too much... is never enough.
Really (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
It's a virginity protector.
Dude (31 Dec, 2012) Reply
I don't need this for self defence. I just hit the attacker over the head with a beer bottle and then determine what kind of a person he is by the type of beer he got hit with.
bud spencer (1 Jan, 2013) Reply
This stuff will take bar fights to the next level. Epicness is happening.
thebigbadwolf (11 Jan, 2013) Reply
what are those circle thingies under the table for?
e.e (12 Jan, 2013) Reply
not enough grammar
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