I Hate You, EatLiver Guy!



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  1. Francesco Schettino April 1, 2014

    Hey guys go easy on me, it’s my first week at my new job here at EatLiver. Just wait and see, I’ve got a few more great ideas for this site. Full steam ahead!

    • No one is gonna get it lol. But yeah full steam ahead

    • Dick Cheney April 2, 2014

      If it’s not broken, fix it.

    • Costa Concordia April 2, 2014

      One of the best puns I’ve seen in ages !

    • Please… please ..please..bring back the old design.. this new look super simliar to *cough cough*..I’ve visited you guys for years now.. why the change ? tsk.. tsk

    • Kathleen Sebelius April 3, 2014

      Hey, I spent over $600 million on this website!

  2. Hi, EatLiver Guy! I’m EatLiver visitor, and I know how to click, but I have no idea how to scroll. Could someone please teach me?

  3. isn’t *hate* too strong word in this case?

    • When the whole web turns into the same annoying design, it is not. The next step is a Flash-based album with no going back/forward options, with autoloading comments, etc.

  4. …..Hilary Clinton recently compared the guy who made the new eatliver design to Hitler…
    If you like to see more design done by this Artist search for FIAT MULTIPLA

  5. Angry mob with torches and pitchforks would be more accurate picture. Just sayin’.

  6. Anonymous April 2, 2014

    I was working my way through the old pages. Now they are gone. Also, I don’t want to have to scroll through every single post in large format. I always skipped the cartoons, because they were always lame. Now I have to slowly scroll past all the ones I don’t want to look at. I’m pretty sure I’m never coming back now.

  7. i dont mind this new design, much cleaner and less cluttered. reminds me of other similar sites, but i’m just surprised that all the old content is gone. its like eatliver rebooted itself and its starting all over again

  8. Where's all the stupid woman jokes? April 2, 2014

    Cuz womens be stupid.

  9. Yay! Now eatliver is exactly like every other comedy site on the web! And this post is sure to put anyone in their place who disagrees with the design change.

    • Read the Picture
      EatLiver knows this and they are sad about it
      that’s why they chose that picture behind the

  10. I’m actually in favor of the new site…good show, old bean!

  11. Mark Zuckerberg April 2, 2014

    I like it and I think you should change it again next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and …

    • Terrified user April 3, 2014

      Oh crap, another Facebook update is coming is it?

  12. Congratz. Now eatliver is just another douchebag wordpress site. And what’s with those daily updates? Tfak, you just stole my excitement of discovering “fresh batch of 10 fresh eatlivers” every other day (or week).

  13. lokokokoko April 2, 2014

    Yeah, it was better!

  14. Anonymous April 2, 2014

    Redesign sucks.

  15. The Comment link should be under the picture, not over it

  16. Do. Not. Like.

  17. Initially I had the same reaction as the kid, but after a while it works. Instead of updates being on a nebulous schedule, I can surf by virtually every day and see a new posting.
    Besides, I’m not paying for it…

  18. Redesign is shite.

  19. Hate this new design

  20. Why did you ruin it?

  21. Now there’s no much difference between EatLiver and Sadanduseless

  22. Unhappy Veteran April 4, 2014

    Who would’ve thought that this would be the first comment I’d write in years of lurking through eatliver, anxiously awaiting the semi-weekly dose of hilarious randomness…
    This new design is a sitebreaking fail. And I don’t care if I’ll grow to tolerate it in some time (the Facebook twist on Stockholm syndrome), this site will just blend in with the myriad of i-can-has-meemee ad-pushers. Sad development…

  23. Do not want.

  24. I will not come to visit this site ever again. Thank you for your years of service but the new design is now like every other site on the web and I am not a big fan of the web. Wish you well!

  25. EatLiverer April 6, 2014

    Dont like the new design, Old one was better

  26. Liked Being Licked April 9, 2014

    Bring back Derpy Tooth!

  27. Yea, it was.

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