Hey, Putin! Guess What?



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  1. Dr. Beezarrow August 27, 2014

    I don’t get it. What is the implication? Is the bear, a symbol of Russia, saying “screw you” to Putin and he decides to go for a swim? Makes no sense. Or, is Putin swiming over to the bear to fornicate the bear as a symbol of what he’s doing to the country? Or, is it all just a waste of time, particularly in reading this far into my rantings?

  2. I vote for waste of my time.

  3. Soviet propaganda.

  4. I maybe wrong but im pretty sure he wrestles them for real

  5. capt. obvious v. 2.4.2 August 30, 2014

    Someone plss tell me where is the funny part.. I don’t get it.

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