Funny and Bizarre Mugshots




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  1. When will people realize that eyebrows made of hair are always much better than eyebrows made of ink?

  2. a casual observer August 20, 2014

    They all seem pretty well adjusted and proud of their life choices so far. Each and every one a role model!

  3. I like to believe that they’re busted all at the same party.

    • E.A. Presley August 20, 2014

      That is a comforting thought. Do you mind if I hold on to it too?

    • It’s less comforting if you assume that they all looked perfectly normal before they turned up at the party.

    • makes me wish i was at that party!

  4. Very representative of ‘Murica…

  5. Sorry to say... August 20, 2014

    Some of them folks is my kin.

  6. Colonel Obvious August 21, 2014

    Here hoping, beyond hope, that none of these ‘waste of skin’ ever reproduces.

  7. Halloween comes early

  8. Hahaha the eyebrow pics always crack me up.

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